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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Niche Blogging Library FAQ - Question Number 1 .

Q: Is this all there is to the Rich Niche Blogging Library?

A: Heck NO! This is a BIG site. You have to go exploring! Put your boots on...

There are many free eBooks here, there are links to best blogs and tutorial videos, tips on tools and lots more. On the left side (scroll down a little) there's a menu with links to several different sections of the library.
Click a menu link or see below the main block for more instructions.

Search the Rich Niche Blogging Resources

So just how many hours in a day do you spend surfing here and there looking for Blogging resources?

It shouldn't have to be that hard!

You Found Us!

Finding out how to make a great blog on the Internet is a like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. You pick up a piece here, then another piece there and there's always pieces missing.

So many amateur blogs show that their owners still have a long way to go until their blog's beautiful and professional theme is completed.

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Rich Niche Blogging Kit

If you wish to be represented by a Professional Blog invest in the Complete RNBlogging Kit which includes a one year library subscription

Rich Niche Blogging Library

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Please explore the site by using the menu links on the left side - You only need subscribe for the exclusive content. Everything else is FREE for everyone to see! See below for frequently asked questions.

Niche Blogging Library FAQ - Question Number 2 Question.
Q: How do I download the free eBooks?
A: You need to register at the library to download the free eBooks. Once you have confirmed your email address you'll be able to access and download the books.

Niche Blogging Library FAQ - Question Number 3 Question.
Q: How do I register for free?
A: On the left side at the top is a form with two rectangular boxes. That will be where you login. Under it is a link that says register. Click the link to a form. You need to type in a chosen user name and an email address. If you don't see the login box click here to refresh the home page.
Rich Niche Blogging Library

Niche Blogging Library FAQ - Question Number 4 Question.
Q: Why do you have to pay for membership if the library is free?
A: Although much of this site is free to view and you can register to download many great free ebooks about blogging, there are even more fantastic ebooks inside that you cannot see until you become a paid member. You can see examples of some of the exclusive content here.

Niche Blogging Library FAQ - Question Number 5 .
Q: I'm ready to go exploring but I don't like surprises. What will I find?
A: Clicking on the words (links) under the first menu will take you to these places...

Library Index - This shows the different eBook library categories for downloads - click on one of these categories and it will list the books. Hover your mouse over the blue i (information symbol) and it describes what is in the books, click on details and it will take you to the download page.

NB - Click on download and it will ask you to view a licence and accept it. Choose  save and a dialogue box pops up to save the document to your computer. Navigate to a folder or your desktop and save the document. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read most of the books which are in PDF and accessible to Macs or PCs.

Alternatively you can access each library individually on the lower menu.

Links to Resources - This is a links area, click here and it gives the link categories, pick a category and it will show you the site names with short descriptions about external sites you can use for improving your marketing, blogging or promotions.

Tutorial Articles - This is a listing of the articles on the site. You can view titles as a list of all or there is a first listing of different topics. The articles have some fantastic information in them.

Blog Tutorial Feeds - I love this section. This is my pick of the best blogs on blogging, seo, niche marketing, affiliate and traffic information, writing and - well some are just for fun. Click on this and it will give you the categories, pick a category and it will show you the best blog names, pick a blog and read a short description of the last 10 posts the blog made. There are some fantastic blogs to read and many give and give and give - lists of best sites, recommendations, factual information, personal experience. If there's one here you like, sign it up to your own reader and enjoy it every day.

Contact Us - Need to contact me? Send an email to me if I can help you somehow.

Search - You can search the articles onsite by keywords just as you would in a search engine.

Keyword and Other Tools - SEO is important to get right and the more you learn, the more you'll want to increase the power of your tools. You'll find a quick run down of the basics here (including our own free key phrase tool which you can download) and if you click next (at the bottom ) it will go on to review each one in a bit more detail.

RNB Training - Some articles about the core principles of the training course - A 5 module eBook, software and video package you can get that will help you to build a blogging business. Read more here How to Start A Blogging Business.

About The Library - More detailed articles about how to use the library.

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