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On Writing and Copy Writing
Written by JA Francis   
Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Secrets of a Freelance Writer

by Julie Francis

Have you ever stared at the white space on a screen or page and had a brain freeze? One of the secrets of a freelance writer is getting back in touch with yourself. We do so much multi tasking these days that remembering who we are becomes difficult. If we don't know who we are - how can we have anything real to say?

Are you suffering from information overload, interruption syndrome or any of the other new age (that's new as in now - not new age as in 70's) syndromes that plague us in the naughties. The cell phone sings to us, messenger buzzes us, emails beep indicating the inbox is clogging with trivia and making it impossible to find the single one you actually want to read.

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