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Create Custom Wordpress template PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administration   
Saturday, 01 November 2008
How To Create A Custom WordPress Page Template
From: houdy1020
There may be times when you want to create a blog page or that looks different than a normal page. Or Perhaps you want to use WordPress to run your entire website but want the main page of your domain to look completely different than a typical blog. This is an easy way to customize WordPress that can be very easily accomplished by creating a custom WordPress page
Adding An Opt-in Box to Blog PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administration   
Saturday, 01 November 2008

Setting Up Your Opt-in Email List
From: marketingcampfire

How to add an optin box for an autoresponder to a blog theme

N.B Also check the Tools section ( paid members only) for the tool to create a widget for your optin box that you can then add as a plugin.

Image Wrap for Wordpress Blogs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administration   
Saturday, 01 November 2008
WordPress Tutorials 

Mark McLaren

McBuzz Communications LLC


Edit a Sidebar File Using a Text Editor

From: mcbuzzvideo

This Advanced-level WordPress tutorial shows how to download, edit and upload a WordPress theme sidebar file (sidebar.php) using FTP software and a text editor. This is considered an advanced WordPress tutorial because you work with the files for the WordPress theme. You do not use the WordPress Dashboard in this tutorial. The tutorial assumes you know how to setup and use FTP software on your computer so that you can download and upload the sidebar file. It also assumes you know how to open a text file like sidebar.php using a text editor. On a PC, common text editors are Notepad and Wordpad. On a Mac, the default text editor is TextEdit. A good Macintosh text editor for HTML and PHP files is BBEdit.

How to Wrap Text Around an Image

From: mcbuzzvideo

PLEASE NOTE: This Intermediate-level tutorial is for WordPress version 2.3 and earlier. To wrap text around an image in version 2.5 or later, see the new tutorials in the mcbuzzvideo collection called "WordPress 2.5+ Tutorial - How to Upload and Insert an Image" and "WordPress 2.5+ Tutorial - How to Wrap Text Around an Image". The second technique in this tutorial works for any HTML page, whether you use WordPress or not. If you need more control over how an image is positioned relative to text wrapping around it, you can use this technique (even in WordPress version 2.5 or later). This tutorial shows two ways to position an image on the left or right side in the body of a WordPress Post or Page, and how to wrap text around the image. The first way is quick and easy to do. The second way gives you more control over the image's position and the padding or "air" around the image. It's an Intermediate-level WordPress tutorial because the second of the two ways shows you how to insert a bit of HTML code using the WordPress Code editing window.

Put Text Over Image - Image Behind Text

From: mcbuzzvideo

This WordPress tutorial shows how to put text on top of an image, or, put another way, how to set an image behind text. The HTML code works on any web page, not just in WordPress.

Ed Dale and Wordpress Direct PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administration   
Saturday, 01 November 2008

Ed Dale's 30 Day Challenge Videos -

Ed Dale is an Aussie who set up the 30 Day challenge in 2008 . There are many videos on his profile regarding the challenge and what was discussed and some of the awesome site tools you can use - many in a limited version for free - to create successful blogs in niches.One of these is Wordpress Direct. This video shows you how you can add content from sites such as Yahoo answers, You Tube and worpress shopping. You can sign up free for Wordpress direct in a limited form.

Check out the challenge here

On Autoposting Content to Wordpress Direct Blogs

Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 November 2008 )
Zig Ziglar on Setting Goals PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administration   
Saturday, 01 November 2008

Zig Ziglar On Setting and Achieving Goals

World-renowned motivator Zig Ziglar guides you through a simple formula for achieving ANY goal. Sounds like an evangalist but setting goals does help you to achieve them.

If you fail to plan - you plan to fail.

So spending a bit of your down time actually planning out what you want to achieve is time well worth spending.Placing a picture near your computer of something you want to do, a place you want to visit, a person you want to please, a car you want to buy - these remind you while you work - why you are working.  Keeping a diary where you can mark off acievements holds you accountable to yourself, it boosts your confidence when you achieve your goals and if you tend to procrastinate, it reminds you about what you plan to do and boosts your resolve to concentrate and focus on achieving it.

In this first video, Ziglar makes the comment that he has never accidently eaton anything! I think that's so funny! We are all capable of saying it's not our fault, I had no choice. Fact is, taking responsibility for your choices is the most important step you make to achieving your goals. Well worth watching if you have time to relax - will do lots more for you than any TV show!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Attitude Makes All the Difference

Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 November 2008 )
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