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Thursday, 06 December 2007

About the Rich Niche Blogging Library

The RNB Library is for everyday online writers everywhere. Our collection of books is about blogging and this is a membership site. This means that you can read the articles but if you want to read the books, we ask that you pay a subscription fee to join. Because you have immediate access to download over 40 books as soon as you enter the site, the minimum subscription period is for six months, after which you will continue to be charged monthly for your subscription if you wish to continue your membership.

New books are being added monthly so keeping your membership up to date is a good idea. Membership also allows you to add articles to the online library to gain exposure for your own sites and expertise. Article submission follows similar rules to most article submission sites. Links should normally be in your signature, articles must be on topic and provide useful information (rather than just rehash the obvious) and new articles will be held for moderation before being published.

The topics that are of interest to our readers circle around blogging. Specifically our mission is to teach people how to use seo and niche research to optimize their blogs for a targeted audience. Other areas we focus on are the use of monetization strategies for blogging such as affiliate marketing, publishing advertisements, and traffic techniques such as community blogging and directory submission.

We suggest that members aquaint themselves with the modules of the Rich Niche Blogging Course. Each module has a detailed quick start explanation about its topic and a step by step master plan for success. Success is defined by increasing your number of readers and hopefully an increasing income.

Whatever your personal reasons are for starting a blog, the techniques, strategies and modifications will help your blog perform in a better way for you. The library is a resource of expert instructional books with information that the course itself cannot contain without becoming over loaded with information. Each person has different needs, so somewhere in the library may be just info you are looking for.

Your membership in the library entitles you to download and keep the books for your own personal use. They are not loaned to you in the traditional sense of a library because they cannot be returned. So with membership, you are buying what currently amounts to over $500 worth of books for $60.00.

Although of course it is possible to simply download them all, this isn't the best thing for you. In the library each title defines what the book is about and what you can learn from it. On your hard drive all you have is a forgotten folder with file titles that all sound the same. If you return to the library, as you would to a normal library, when you need more information, you will benefit from this systematic and searchable organisation and categorization . You will also see and read any new articles on new topics.

We hope that you enjoy being a member of the library and it helps you to succeed in making your blog the one unique and individual blog that everyone is talking about!

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