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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

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  Jiminy Cricket made me write this page!
Keep reading and you'll find out why.


This page is my own honest evaluation of my product. It is not a Salespage but a description of the course and library and as such won't be trying to excite you to buy, push you around with promises or fail to mention my own level of achievement. 

Jiminy Cricket was Pinochio's conscience. I don't want a very long nose!


If you  have arrived here because

  • You are interested in Making Money Online with Your Computer
  • You are interested in Making Money as a Writer or Copywriter
  • You are interested in Niche Marketing for Small Target Markets
  • You are interested in Affiliate Marketing for Automatic Income
  • You are interested in Publishing Advertising on your Blog or Website
  • You are interested in Article Marketing to Increase Your Authority
  • You are interested in SEO Marketing for Free Traffic from Search Engines
  • You are interested in Blogging for Personal or Business Reasons
  • You are interested in Making Money Online with Your Own Blog
  • You are interested in Finding Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Then you really have come to the right place for information.

What you have found is a library membership of resources that will help you with all these topics. Currently there's over 40 books, a range of videos and audios, bonus software and the five books and added reports that I have edited myself to give you the detailed information you need to get started making a great blog, making some income and starting out as a freelance writer.

About Me and the Library

I was a bookseller most of my life. I am an expert at assessing a book and being able to make an informed recommendation about it. I have thirty years experience as a buyer with several major book chains and specialist stores where I learned to tell a good book from one that is all filler and no content.

An assessment about a book might be that it is for a beginner or an advanced user, that the information is complete, specialised or basic, that the author is an expert or a complete unknown. That it is a new book or  one that is old and whether this means something or not; some old books are timeless and true while others no longer give any worth because technology has advanced past its information.

A recommendation means I have read a fair percentage of it and it engaged my attention. I have attempted to use the information and discovered that it does what it says it does. I have respect for the quality of the written text or the expertise of the author and believe that it is either well priced for its content or that the content offers something unique that a competing book does not.

What expertise does the author have?

I am not an expert marketer. I am a novice marketer, not a newbie but not yet accredited. I have been self teaching myself from books and blogs for just over a year and I am starting to have some modest monetary success with my efforts.

I'm not an expert blogger, I know what needs to be done with my blogs but I have spent too much time creating this site to have the time to spend on my blog, but that will change when the books are launched, and I'm looking forward to improving my blogs.

I'm a good writer and have written several books now and hundreds of articles. I love to write. I'm not a good copy writer, I was brought up with too high a regard for the truth and this always gets in the way of a good story! It seems to be something I cannot overcome easily. It's not a moral thing, a story is not a promise, and I love the way marketing pages make everything seem so cool and exciting but I just can't seem to instill this kind of suspense into my sales pages. I guess we can't be talented at everything.  

What makes this Course any different to another?

The five books that form the course are derived from some expert PLR material from which I have taken the best sections and re-edited it to form the specialised information in the various modules. Because this PLR material is written by expert marketers, it is their personal experiences and advice that makes it so good. I could have repackaged each piece separately as individual books and sold them quite well, but my mission here was to write several genuine full featured reference books on the core topics of the site.

Each of the five modules draws from several different PLR sources and I have written at least half of the books and added my own experience where appropriate, or modified some works where I felt they endorsed something that I personally had found unhelpful. The links resource is also half my own research and half lists of Internet resources compiled by other people from PLR. As links and sites disappear unexpectedly sometimes this may not be error free. For example I have had to edit the modules recently to remove overture keyword research tools because unfortunately they no longer appear to function.Then they reappeared again and soon they may change again as Yahoo develops new services.

I have tried to keep the information consistent but with the changes in author styles and the extent of information (well over 500 pages) there may still be mistakes and contradictions. I will continue to work on the books to improve them and if you buy any module of the course you will get immediate access to amended versions for one year from purchase or until such time that I announce a second edition which would be a major rewrite. If you are still a member of my list when this happens, you will be offered a substantial discount on the new versions.

The modules I have written were never meant to stand alone. They are meant to have the library as a back up resource for you to draw on to get further information. One year library membership is given with the course. References to library books and videos are made throughout  the modules so that you know where to go for more information.

Why this page exists

I wrote the sales page in the traditional way and you can read it here. I felt very uncomfortable about it even though it took me weeks of work to complete. I modelled it on someone elses sales letter with his permission and in it I make big promises. It follows the tried and true copywriting techniques expounded by direct marketers for the last 200 years but it wasn't me.

Honestly, it is highly unlikely that anyone can start a free blog and make a lot of money in a week. It is possible, and it's true that some young people have done just that very successfully, but it is unlikely that the average person will be able to do it, even with the help of the course.

I dilly daddled for weeks because of this, delaying the launch and considering what to do.People advised me to continue with the sales page, that it was a good page and that this is how people need to be reached on the internet. Sometimes you have just have to go with the flow.

As this whole project is my first product launch following the expert guidance (using the "Make $20,000 in 20 Days" product) of Michael Green , I am a member of his How to Corps Help Forum. Several members have discussed the issue of hype at some length there. You can read that discussion here if this interests you.

After reading and writing to this discussion, I decided to write this page. Suddenly I  feel 100% better about the launch. I don't have doubts about my product, I never have. There is a great deal of valuable information provided within it. What I had a problem with was in trying to persuade people to use it by giving unreal expectations about what it takes to earn money online.

The Real Picture Regarding Niche Marketing

The truth is that if you use the information in the course and you apply yourself to the tasks and you choose a good niche, learn about correct keywords and search engines, use article marketing and social sites, work hard at promoting your pages using the techniques in the course, and choose good products at a reasonable price - I will be absolutely amazed if you don't succeed. I will happily refund your money or try and help you to find out what you are doing wrong. I know this works.

But it takes time to learn marketing techniques. There is a lot to learn. If you are already a novice like myself then your progress will be a lot faster than someone who has never seen a blog, knows no html and doesn't know what an affiliate link is. The ability to make money online is not learned overnight and if you are looking to make money by next week then this course can't help you. I don't know how to do it and I'm pretty sure that anyone without a great deal of experience is incapable of doing it in that time period.

I don't like to make promises I cannot keep. I was also unhappy stating - YOU can do this - because I don't know what you can do or how quickly you will learn or how much time you have to give to this project so you can improve rapidly.  I also did not like claiming to be an expert when I am not one or claiming to be the author of text that I didn't write.

So now you know all my secrets.  I'm just an average person like you, not a gur, not an expert, just someone with a talent for collecting information and teaching it to people. 

The Promise I Can Honestly Give

The only promise I can genuinely make to you is to continue to find and give you the best information I have found, to start building blogs (or minisites) from scratch and continually improve them until you succeed in making some money. Information that will enable you to solve little stumbling blocks that you will encounter, and ways to improve the look and functions of your blog and help you find ways to get traffic by using techniques that more experienced experts teach you within the articles, books and videos in the library.

Think of me just as an experienced librarian. The go between that refers you to the specialist. If I claim any expertise at all it is in being the expert that sorts the wheat from the chaff and serves up the daily bread of good and useful information that you can use to succeed in an online business. This site has many free articles and video tutorials that anyone can use to improve with. Only the books here require a paid membership to read. 

So lets get down to the specifics of the five books I have edited and part written.

Niche Research:
Niche research takes as its principle that you look first for a market that you can serve who are searching online for information about their topic. It involves the analysis of what terms and keywords they are using to search with, what they are looking for and whether or not they are willing to pay for the information when they find it. Having a site that shows people that it's creator knows a great deal about the topic will mean that you have a better chance to engage with this customer. 

If you start with a well researched niche you have a much better success rate than if you start with a product and try to sell the whole world on it. Having found a suitable niche, you will then need to test it out. Using the technique outlined in the Master Plan you will create a minisite and promote it with seo marketing and article distribution and see if it works for you.

It may be necessary to try several different niches before you find one that is responsive. When you do find one, you can extend the minisite concept to several minisites around the topic and gradually build up an authority site.

The Master Plan

Affiliate Marketing and the Master Plan for Monetization
To make money online it is necessary to have something to sell. An affiliation is a partnership. You commit to promote someone's product in return for a commission if they make a sale from your promotional effort. This is generally by cutting and pasting a piece of code from the advertiser that you place on a page of your site.

There are two main ways to do this. You can publish advertising using Google Adsense or one of the shopping networks or any other of the contextual advertising services. Or you can sign up to partner with someone who has an affiliate program for their own product. They will then provide you with a specific affiliate link to their salespage which allows their software to recognise that their new customer came from you. If the customer makes a purchase, you get paid a commission on it.

There are subtle things you need to know about to optimize the success of either of these systems. Where to place ads and how to format them. How to protect your link so you don't lose your commission. Different ways to gain commissions from both systems and what they mean. If you are fully informed about these you have a better chance of doing things in the right way and of maximising your chance of success.

The Master Plan has the blueprint about how to build a minisite for the Niche that you have chosen to explore during your niche research. If you are going to monetize the niche there are several sites that you'll need to join such as Aweber, A Web Host, Paypal, ClickBank. Signing up at external blog or social sites will also be necessary in order for this step to be implemented. If you are not using monetization features this will not be less important but the mini site set up in this module will still help anyone who wishes a responsive audience, even if this is not primarily for making money.

You will need to learn some basic html and the use of blog software, learn how to navigate and use the web sites you have signed up for and learn how to add in the keyword information you have collected with your niche research to start making it all come together and be a cohesive content site about your Niche.


You can set up a free blog in a matter of minutes and start posting to it immediately, there is nothing complicated about it at all. There are a lot of features with your blog that you could and should use that many people don't, because we don't know how to. This module starts you off with a Blogger Blog and teaches you about features you need to set correctly in your blog so that you optimize the way it works.

The second part covers an introduction to other blog platforms, what they are and what they are best used for. It talks about writing and where to find content to make your blog more interesting. It tells you about plugins you can use to help you display your affiliations and add other features such as video, audio, RSS and pictures. It talks about specific ways for promoting a blog and gaining readers for it.

Traffic Generation

This is the dividing line between success and failure on the Internet . This is not about marketing products as such, it is about advertising. Any website or blog that doesn't use any form of monetization is still subject to the same problems as those that do - the gaining of readers. Traffic Generation is about finding your audience. There are more ways to do it than there are days in a year to explore them.

Over this last year I have come to the conclusion that there are three most effective and respectable ways to increase your traffic. These are the distribution of articles, the use of seo optimized pages for niche keywords and the joining of social sites and blog communities. In my opinion this is where you should concentration your effort at first. But don't stop there - there's always more!

This module is an A-Z guide to ways of gaining readers and clients who are interested in your product or information. There are both online and offline ideas and some are in detail and some are just sketched in. When you are stuck for inspiration there will be something in this module, that will be both new and effective to get readers interacting with your site and telling their friends about it. Virtual signs you can make that will be pointing to your site the way a signpost or billboard does by the roadside.

Freelance Writing

I wasn't going to add a book on writing but I found some great PLR on writing a book proposal and it's information was so helpful, it just seemed perfect for the course. There is also information about writingarticles and copywriting. All the information gives you details about the submission process and about formatting your writing in a professional way.

Links Resource
I peersonally find it hard to recall where that useful link was, I read so many books. So I collected them into one volume, did a lot of reformatting so the links are organized so that you (and I) don't have to waste our memory cells or our time wondering what book suggested what link.The  Links Resource, is a book made up of links to the Internet sites that are available to use for information, research, submissions and socializing

There are article directories, social bookmarking sites, social networking sites, blogs and content management software, affiliate program directories, blog directories and communities, advertising networks, and a list of great blogs to visit on writing, blogging, marketing, seo and traffic.

Other Features of the Rich Niche Blogging Site Include

The Library -
The Rich Niche Blogging Members Site is a resource for bloggers currently with over 40 expert articles and over 20 videos available for free viewing. There are over 40 books available for members in PDF files that you can view online or download to read at a future time. Approval after purchase to the library is a manual process so it may take 24-48 hours for you to be approved and access your product. I couldn't find a way to integrate a payment check and the sign up process but I'll keep looking. If this can be improved, it will be.

The Forum - Join the Forum
I've never attempted to start a forum before so this is a wee baby waiting to grow up. I'm hoping that all purchaser of the course will join and participate in discussions. I have so enjoyed 'meeting' people and discussing marketing issues at the How to Corp Help forum that I really wanted to try out this feature which is recommended to do in the Master Plan.

I have had spam issues when people sign up automatically so I have disabled the auto sign up and members need to be approved. This may take a day or so to happen which is unfortunate but better than the nasty feeling that porn advertisements provoke or the clutter that countless pharmacy and gambling links make. I should resolve the spam issue with mods shortly.

I will check the forum regularly and help where I can with any issues people may have.

The Blogs

I really enjoy blogging. It has taken me a little while to work the website side out and I still have lots to learn regarding optimization.The writing itself is fun. Finding time to do all I'm learning while still assembling everything here has been a challenge. When the product is finished I'll have more time. As I try things out, I'll use the 3 blogs to let you know what worked for me. New sites and resources will also be mentioned on the blogs.

I'll also keep posting about expert blogs that I read because however much help I can give there are true pro bloggers out there who have blogs with four years or more of content on them that goes well beyong my level of expertise.The feeds section is great for keeping track of expert blogs, and well worth checking when you visit as I add more each month.

The Three blogs I have currently on the site are
The Niche Market Blog - platform B2Evolution
The Monetize Blog - platform Wordpress with Adsense
The Freelance Writer Blog - Platform Wordpress using a Magazine Theme (NB - no content on this one yet)

I intend to be installing a Movable Type Blog soon. I will also be linking external blogs shortly such as Yahoo 360,, and This is not just to keep me insanely busy but so that you can easily click a link and evaluate the platform by seeing it in action, albeit somewhat inexpertly!

So that's it! That's what you get if you buy the course. If you want to do that now, you can click this link to pay securely using Paypal . At the time I write, it costs $147.00. You get a 58 day guarantee on your purchase. If you find it to be significantly different to what has been described or you try using the product and discover that it's not something you want to continue doing, send me an email and I'll refund your money. Promptly and with no quibbling.

If you need more information go to the sales page to see the bonus products you get with the course, find out the cost (which is reduced while its in prelaunch) and read more about the benefits of membership. 

Please buy the product only after you have had a good look around and can accurately assess what you are getting for your money. It will make both of us feel much better!

Sincerely hoping that this helps you
to reach an informed decision about my
product and wishing you all success with it...
Julie Francis (and Jiminy Cricket).


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