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folder icon 7 Miscellaneous Library
The PDFs in this library do not fit in the categories as defined by the modules. They are grouped under miscellaneous to display those books that may be of use to you anyway.
folder icon 3 Writing and Copywriting Tutorial Library
The PDFs in this library advise you about writing, copy writing and sales letters. The writing and usage of emails, articles, sales pages, advertisements, headlines and signatures and also the creation of products such as eBooks and viral reports are all explained in this library.
folder icon 14 Traffic Tutorial Library.
The PDFs in this library detail the myriad techniques and strategies you can use to set link signposts to your sales areas so that you get high volume traffic to your blogs.
folder icon 10 Affiliate Tutorial Library
The PDF's in this library are regarding opportunities of affiliations with companies, traders and merchants that will pay a commission for your participation and promotion.
folder icon 9 Blog Tutorial Library
The PDF's in this Library are regarding the installation of blog platforms, changing themes and adding plugins, monetization, making structural changes to CSS and sidebars, the use and abuse of comments, the admin area of blogs and posting.
folder icon 7 Niche Tutorial Library
The PDF's in this Module are about researching and choosing profitable niche markets to center your keyword campaigns around.Some have researched markets ready to be explored and blueprints, and some detail product creation and satellite site systems.
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